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Booty Bounce class is a high intensity dance exercise class for strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio that gives a full body workout with emphasis on the legs and BOOTY. There is focus on TWERK and BOUNCE technique to help each move pop while doing it safely.  Wear comfortable workout clothes, BOOTY SHORTS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Other attire that is recommended are knee high socks and leg warmers for sliding. Gym or dance sneakers are required. No bare feet. Other than that, feel free to show off your style and fun flare! Don't forget water and a towel as it can get sweaty. 

***This class is in the format of a short class between 30 and 45 minutes***

Booty Bounce

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In this class, learn fundamental twerk type moves and technique. In Booty Bounce Basics we will be focusing on intro & beginner warm ups, strength exercises as well as intro and beginner movement & technique. Short cardio combos maybe introduced to start building muscle memory and endurance. Wear knee pads, long socks, sneakers and comfortable gym or dance attire.  Shorts are recommended, but whatever you're comfortable in is fine. 


***This class is in the format of a short tutorial between 10 and 30 minutes***

Booty Bounce

Let's get flirty and dirty! Chair Tease combines strength and flexibility with sensual dance, chair tricks, striptease and more for a fun, flirty, full body workout using a chair as a prop. This class is open to all levels and includes modifications for progressions and regressions. Heels are optional. Be sure to wear heels you are comfortable wearing for chair work. You will need a stable chair with a back (no wheels!) and a space free of any obstacles that you can trip or slip on. Be aware of your surroundings. Please consult your physician before engaging in any type of fitness or physical activities.


Chair Tease


This is an open level class and can range between beginner and advanced levels.  We'll go over basics like walking in heels, bumps, grinds, shimmies, poses, frame, props and much more.  We'll dive into short choreography and freestyle and piece it together through act development and performance presence.  This class will also include elements of striptease.   Please contact Dee if you are looking to dive deeper into your burlesque journey.  Recommended heels have straps for ankle support and heel height between 2 and 4 inches.  

***This class is in the format of a short class between 30 and 45 minutes***


This class is for levels 1 and 2 with modifications and progressions.  We'll cover basics such as walks, grips, turns, combos, vocabulary and much more.  There will also be elements of floor work, conditioning, flexibility, strength training, tricks and dancing in heels.  Shorts are highly recommended as is grip aid.  A pole is required. 

***This class is in the format of short tutorials between 15 and 30 minutes***

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Pole Dance

Body Beats Full Logo - Dark Background J

This is a medium to high intensity cardio dance class based in fun choreography set to a variety of music.  This is a follow along class meant to get your heart rate up and sweating!



***This class is in the format of a short class between 15 and 30 minutes*** 

Body Beats

This class will be a mix of learning solo technique and steps and partnered work.  This class is open level ranging between beginner to advanced.  You'll learn timing, footwork, styling, freestyling, shine patterns, combos, choreography and partner work.  Dance shoes are recommended, something that you can easily turn and slide in.  Heel height between 2.5 and 4 inches are preferred.  

***This class is in the format f a short dance class between 30 and 45 minutes***


Salsa and Other Latin Dance Styles

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Light some candles, put on some slow jams and get in the mood to groove.  This class is about breathing, letting go and just giving in to the music.  You will be guided through a flow of static and dynamic stretches, sensual movement and yoga style poses.  This class acts as a great warm up or cool down in addition to other dance and fitness classes.  It's a great way to tap deeper into your body and release tension and stress.  Comfortable gym or yoga clothes are recommended.  

***This class is in the format of a short class between 30 and 45 minutes***

Tease Ease

If you're looking for more of a one on one experience, a personal touch, or specialty choreography, contact Dee with details.  Her experience includes custom wedding dances, large group choreography, music video choreography, solo choreography, coaching, partner dancing, and more.  Private lessons can help with building confidence faster, understanding musicality, body mechanics and awareness, injury prevention, act development and tweaking.  Bring Dee some ideas and bring your vision to life.


Dance Private

30 Min Private $45

60 Min Private $85


30 Min for $50

60 Min for $95


Contact for Details - Base Price/deposit of $100

Private Lessons
Custom Choreography
Wedding Dances


Grab your heels and get ready to hit the floor video vixen style!  This class focuses on music video-style choreography that has a mix of pop, floor work, slow jams, hip hop, and street jazz.  Wear heels that you are comfortable dancing in. A 2.5 to 4-inch heel is recommended and something with a suede or leather bottom to prevent slipping.  Knee pads are recommended.  This is an all-level class with modifications.

Baddie in Bootz

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